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Horse Racing Ratings

Flatstats provides unique ratings for horse racing. You can use the ratings for backing or laying. You can use the ratings as an accompaniment for your own horse racing betting methods such as form based methods and speed ratings.

The ratings are unique in that they hardly take any form into consideration and often find big priced winners. You can read more about the Flatstats horse racing ratings in our Horse Racing Ratings Guide on the main Flatstats site.

Horse Racing Systems

Flatstats has information on hundreds of horse racing systems. Some of the systems are old chestnuts which have done the rounds for years but many are more upto date and relevant to todays racing. Some even return decent profits!

At the site you can view comprehensive reports on many backing and laying systems. The reports can help you pinpoint where and when a system works best at. You can browse some of the systems in the Backing Systems Section, or read analysis on the Flatstats portfolio of Free Horse Racing Systems.

Horse Racing Stats

The stats are what power Flatstats. There are literally millions of stats at the site. You can view comprehensive stats for sires, horses, trainers, jockeys, favourites, races, the draw and even horse racing owners! No other site offers as much useful stats as Flatstats.

You won't find bland, soundbite stats such as "Frankie Dettori has won twice from three runs here - a 67% strike rate". We leave that to the media pundits to fill their newspapers. At Flatstats you can view stats which show profitability and more importantly: valuability. For more information take a look at the Horse Racing Stats Guide